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System : Tyreanoae CX-W c4-0 - EDSM
Planet : Tyreanoae CX-W c4-0 AB 4 a - EDSM

Map Status : None - You need to be logged if you want to do the surface mapping.
Biological : 2
Geological : 2
 Type : Icy body
Radius : 3317.22 km - Area : 138.28 Mm²
Temperature : 97 K
Mass : 0.057 Earth Mass
Gravity : 0.209 G
Terraforming : Not terraformable

Composition : Ice (82.42%), Rock (15.99%), Metal (1.59%)
Volcanism : Major Water Geysers

Atmosphere : Thin Argon
Pressure : 0.009 atm
 Materials :
    sulphur (26.64%)
    carbon (22.4%)
    phosphorus (14.34%)
    iron (12.06%)
    nickel (9.12%)
    chromium (5.42%)
    selenium (4.17%)
    zinc (3.28%)
    cadmium (0.94%)
    tellurium (0.9%)
    tin (0.73%)

Last update with EDSM : 3309-02-14 18:31:29

Surface mapping creation in ExTool :
You now have possibility to record the surface map on a new planet. You need to be logged with an account on the website (register or login), display the planet page and click on map status (which should display NONE, if it's LOCKED instead, you won't be able to record a surface map). For this, you'll need AutoHotKey program and ahk script files (download link in ExTool)
Then use an AutoHotKey script (F9_Surface_Mapping_QWERTY.ahk or F9_surface_mapping_AZERTY.ahk regarding your locale and keymap) in the game, in the planetary surface display. Zoom in, not too much.
Check your keymap in the game and be sure to use WSAD (or ZQSD) in the Galaxy Cam Tanslate, if not, you'll have to modify the ahk files. Finally, press F9.
Warning : Please do not go on the surface of the planet while you're mapping the surface, otherwise you (we) will have blue arrows in the map !
ExTool will take 6 screenshots you'll have to put in the right fields in the construct page. (do not change focus while the screenshots are being made, or be lost and restart ! )
ExTool will take screenshots in this sequence :
X 3 X X
1 2 5 6
X 4 X X
Put PNG screenshots in this order (drag'n drop authorized) and click submit. If ok, you can Generate the map. And if everything's alright, click finally on Publish.
You'll then be able and all players using ExTool to see the surface on the planet in ExTool, instead of white sphere with latitude and longitude lines. If you don't use an Extool screenshot plugin, don't forget to convert your bmp screenshots files to png ones before dropping files on Extool.

Screenshots used to generate the planet map :
#3 - (90,0)
Longitude Shift of
#1 - (0,-90)
#2 - (0,0)
#5 - (0,90)
#6 - (0,180)
#4 - (-90,0)

Generated Map :

Original idea by SteFBlood & Sileo
Developed by Sileo
Planetary map by NASA WorldWind
Celestial map by D3-Celestial
Thx to Wing Atlantis, CMDR EfilOne, CMDR tonio-GMNH & CMDR Derek Windstorm