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ExTool : Planetary surface research tool

About :
ExTool will help you to search planetary surfaces, in order to find bases (INRA, abandoned, ...), thargoid sites and other POI. Involved players will have their location recorder and ExTool will draw points in a 2D or 3D surface map, so this can help players to look for their goal by choosing unscanned research zones on the planet.
The more players will visit the planet and use ExTool, the best chance players will have to discover what they look for.
Nevertheless, beware that ExTool only get GPS locations of players and won't warn you if you fly above an undiscovered base. You still have to look at the surface to find what you're searching !

How it works :
Run EDMC, with plugin ExTool, and run Elite Dangerous.
EDMC will display a line showing the status of ExTool.

Then, in Elite Dangerous, go to the planet where you're looking for something. As soon as you enter orbital zone, you can start to make screenshots with the usual keympa (F10, by default), and EDMC will take your GPS coordinates, by reading the game log.

Prerequisites :
With this tool, we'll read your game log and extract info for screenshot and GPS locations.

plugin EDMC :
Main tool for ExTool !

To create surface maps or transponder use, you need :

AutoHotKey :
AutoHotKey script for QWERTY keyboard :
AutoHotKey script for AZERTY keyboard :

Please be advised W (or Z for AZERTY),D,S,F9 and F11 keys should be unmodified. If you use them for other things, you'll have to modify the scripts in order to use the tools.

How to read the results :
Go to Extool website, select the planet, 2D or 3D, may be your commander name (in game) and you should be able to see, point after point, you research path.

If you click on tracking link, your commander's position will always be centered on the middle of the map. If you have a second screen or notepad, you can track your path on the planet while you play.

Surface mapping creation in ExTool :
You now have possibility to record the surface map on a new planet. You need to be logged with an account on the website (register or login), display the planet page and click on map status (which should display NONE, if it's LOCKED instead, you won't be able to record a surface map). For this, you'll need AutoHotKey program and ahk script files (download link in ExTool)
Then use an AutoHotKey script (F9_Surface_Mapping_QWERTY.ahk or F9_surface_mapping_AZERTY.ahk regarding your locale and keymap) in the game, in the planetary surface display. Zoom in, not too much.
Check your keymap in the game and be sure to use WSAD (or ZQSD) in the Galaxy Cam Tanslate, if not, you'll have to modify the ahk files. Finally, press F9.
Warning : Please do not go on the surface of the planet while you're mapping the surface, otherwise you (we) will have blue arrows in the map !
ExTool will take 6 screenshots you'll have to put in the right fields in the construct page. (do not change focus while the screenshots are being made, or be lost and restart ! )
ExTool will take screenshots in this sequence :
X 3 X X
1 2 5 6
X 4 X X
Put PNG screenshots in this order (drag'n drop authorized) and click submit. If ok, you can Generate the map. And if everything's alright, click finally on Publish.
You'll then be able and all players using ExTool to see the surface on the planet in ExTool, instead of white sphere with latitude and longitude lines. If you don't use an Extool screenshot plugin, don't forget to convert your bmp screenshots files to png ones before dropping files on Extool.

Other ExTool tools :
You need more ?

Course and Distance
In game chat, type #ExTool DEST (X,Y) where X and Y are your target coordinates…
Then, ExTool 3D map will tell you which heading you have to set and how long you'll have to travel to reach the destination. To unset destination, just type #ExTool DEST NONE.

Personal POI on planet
If you need to note something somewhere, type #ExTool SAVE <text>
This will save the text on your current coordinates

To remove the note, type #ExTool DEL <the same text>
Watch out, if you name several points with the same text, the DEL commande will erase all points, not only the last or first.
And there's no confirmation

To conclude :

Here it is, you have all information to use ExTool. Thanks for using Sileo's tool, Wing Atlantis' one, French community too, and by the way your tool !

You can support this tool with a donation. Thank you very much for your support!

If you encounter trouble or want to suggest new features, please contact us in the Wing Atlantis Discord, in the #ExTool channel.

See you soon in space,
fly safe commander !

TODO (website) :
- surface generation : DONE
- autohotkey screenshot for planet surface : DONE
- map2d projection generation : CANCEL
- world2d like world3d : DONE
- system and planet list : DONE
- API to insert data : DONE
- problem if the system or the planet not exist in EDSM or EDSM not responding : DONE
- add personnal placemark : DONE
- add destination route : DONE
- add materials/vouchers/links/scans list : DONE
- add materials/vouchers/links/scans stats for each planet : DONE
- little shift of planet map near north and south pole : TESTING
- public map construction : TESTING
- animated gif during update data on maps : TESTING
- problem of opacity when too many surface dot on the same position
- possibility to form a wing
- add for each materials/vouchers/links/scans stats
- map generation for a planet with ring
- add categories for saved points
- add saved points directly from the website
- share saved points to public points
- analyse scans (AbandonedDataLog and Unknown_Uplink) to regroup them into a public points

TODO (plugin) :
- automatic screenshot with a delay and activate local sendtext : DONE
- autodelete screenshot : DONE
- estimate velocity : DONE
- change automatic delay with velocity : DONE
- sound when automatic screenshot start and stop : DONE
- sound when manual screenshot : DONE
- add DEST and SAVE coordinates : DONE
- try to correct F10 (sometimes the screenshot is not taken) : DONE
- try to send F10 only in the ED window
- show the CAP and DIST of a DEST in EDMC
- add ALT to have a voice who help you to stay near the right altitude

Original idea by SteFBlood & Sileo
Developped by Sileo
Planetary map by NASA WorldWind
Celestial map by D3-Celestial
Thx to Wing Atlantis, CMDR EfilOne, CMDR tonio-GMNH & CMDR Derek Windstorm