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System : Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 - EDSM
Planet : Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 5 - EDSM

Map Status : None - You need to be logged if you want to do the surface mapping.
Biological : 2
 Type : Icy body
Radius : 3307.76 km - Area : 137.492 Mm²
Temperature : 106 K
Mass : 0.068 Earth Mass
Gravity : 0.252 G
Terraforming : Not terraformable

Composition : Ice (64.17%), Rock (24.11%), Metal (11.72%)
Volcanism : No volcanism

Atmosphere : Thin Argon
Pressure : 0.019 atm
 Materials :
    sulphur (22.37%)
    carbon (18.81%)
    iron (16.1%)
    nickel (12.18%)
    phosphorus (12.04%)
    chromium (7.24%)
    zinc (4.38%)
    vanadium (3.95%)
    molybdenum (1.05%)
    ruthenium (0.99%)
    tungsten (0.88%)

Last update with EDSM : 3309-02-14 18:02:49

POI : Fonticulua
Type : Campestris
Name : Fonticulua Campestris - Emerald

First discovered for ExTool : van hoof
Photosynthetic colony organisms found exclusively on ice worlds, where they have embraced the surrounding frozen material as a form of protection. As the fonticulus develop they melt ice from around them, absorbing the liquid through tiny cellular pores and passing it to the colony’s reproductive edge. Here the liquid is excreted and immediately refreezes, creating hard translucent exoskeletons that provide protection for the organisms. Frond structures create a wide flat space that expose internal photosynthetic cells to as much light as possible. Reproduction appears to occur by colony division, most likely when a shard of the structure collapses under its own weight and the smaller shard creates a new colony.

These fonticulua thrive in argon atmospheres, and can reach four metres in height. They feature huge leaf-like structures to capture sunlight for conversion to energy.

DatePlanetNear coordinateDist2D3DTypeTXT1
3308-12-03 17:52:49Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 5(-9.2912,-144.8785)0 s2D3DOrgaSample - $Codex_Ent_Fonticulus_02_Name;
3308-12-03 17:50:59Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 5(-9.3005,-144.8817)0 s2D3DOrgaSample - $Codex_Ent_Fonticulus_02_Name;
3308-12-03 17:48:52Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 5(-9.2951,-144.8902)0 s2D3DCodex$Codex_Ent_Fonticulus_02_K_Name; - 2370206
3308-12-03 17:48:52Hyades Sector MX-T c3-18 5(-9.2951,-144.8902)0 s2D3DOrgaLog - $Codex_Ent_Fonticulus_02_Name;

Original idea by SteFBlood & Sileo
Developed by Sileo
Planetary map by NASA WorldWind
Celestial map by D3-Celestial
Thx to Wing Atlantis, CMDR EfilOne, CMDR tonio-GMNH & CMDR Derek Windstorm