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System : Graea Hypue BW-U d3-9 - EDSM
Planet : Graea Hypue BW-U d3-9 A 1 a - EDSM

Map Status : None - You need to be logged if you want to do the surface mapping.
Survey : 0% Completed (Area observed : 0 Mm²)

Type : None
Radius : 1000 km - Area : 12.566 Mm²
Temperature : None
Mass : None
Gravity : None
Volcanism : None
Terraforming : None
Composition : None
Materials : None

Last update with EDSM : 2018-12-11 18:37:30

POI : Brain Trees
Type : Aureus
Name : Aureus Brain Trees
Coordinates : (29.8018,-143.0288) 2D 3D
First discovered for ExTool : Scotty Ryke
These organic structures are so called because of the vaguely brain-like growths on the ends of their branches.

These resilient organicc structures absorb minerals via their subsurface roots and energy via their outer skin.

Locations found: Planet surfaces.
Temperature range: 300 - 500 K.
On or around planets with: Volcanism.
On or around planet types: Terrestrial metal-rich, terrestrial high-metal content.
In systems with planet types: Terrestrial earth-like, gas giant with water-based life, $codex_rules_jovian_water_giant_life;.

DatePlanetNear coordinateDist2D3DTypeTXT1
2019-01-10 18:37:08Graea Hypue BW-U d3-9 A 1 a(29.8018,-143.0288)2 s2D3DCodex$Codex_Ent_SeedEFGH_01_Name; - 2100206

Original idea by SteFBlood & Sileo
Developped by Sileo
Planetary map by NASA WorldWind
Celestial map by D3-Celestial
Thx to Wing Atlantis, CMDR EfilOne, CMDR tonio-GMNH & CMDR Derek Windstorm