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System : Drojau JD-X c16-2 - EDSM
Planet : Drojau JD-X c16-2 1 c - EDSM

Map Status : None - You need to be logged if you want to do the surface mapping.
Biological : 7
 Type : Rocky body
Radius : 1721.86 km - Area : 37.257 Mm²
Temperature : 182 K
Mass : 0.015 Earth Mass
Gravity : 0.209 G
Terraforming : Not terraformable

Composition : Rock (90.41%), Metal (9.59%), Ice (0%)
Volcanism : No volcanism

Atmosphere : Thin Carbon dioxide
Pressure : 0.08 atm
 Materials :
    iron (19.33%)
    sulphur (18.48%)
    carbon (15.54%)
    nickel (14.62%)
    phosphorus (9.95%)
    chromium (8.69%)
    germanium (5.49%)
    vanadium (4.75%)
    niobium (1.32%)
    tin (1.15%)
    technetium (0.69%)

Last update with EDSM : 3307-09-15 12:28:58

POI : Osseus
Type : Fractus
Name : Osseus Fractus - Grey

First discovered for ExTool : Arlo MacDonald
Slow-growing organisms that can be found exclusively on rocky areas of planets. They are defined by a symbiotic relationship that has evolved between two unicellular organisms. which are now inseparable. One cell type is solely responsible for energy production by either photosynthetic. chemosynthetic or thermosynthetic processes. The symbiotic cells harvest some of this energy, and in turn deposit a hard rock-like substance extracted from the local geology to create a rigid endoskeleton. This structure provides a solid base for the organism to exist. It features complex folds that help increase available surface area for metabolic interactions. Osseus have been observed to create callus-like cell coverings, and withdraw themselves into the endoskeleton for protection.

This osseus species can grow to over six metres across. They produce wide ridged frills for metabolic interactions including aosorbing sunlight for energy production.

DatePlanetNear coordinateDist2D3DTypeTXT1
3307-09-15 12:47:13Drojau JD-X c16-2 1 c(46.2148,-112.4849)0 s2D3DOrgaSample - $Codex_Ent_Osseus_01_Name;
3307-09-15 12:44:15Drojau JD-X c16-2 1 c(46.1874,-112.3511)0 s2D3DOrgaSample - $Codex_Ent_Osseus_01_Name;
3307-09-15 12:40:52Drojau JD-X c16-2 1 c(46.2271,-112.1371)0 s2D3DCodex$Codex_Ent_Osseus_01_G_Name; - 2400104
3307-09-15 12:40:52Drojau JD-X c16-2 1 c(46.2271,-112.1371)0 s2D3DOrgaLog - $Codex_Ent_Osseus_01_Name;

Original idea by SteFBlood & Sileo
Developed by Sileo
Planetary map by NASA WorldWind
Celestial map by D3-Celestial
Thx to Wing Atlantis, CMDR EfilOne, CMDR tonio-GMNH & CMDR Derek Windstorm